The Mat Rental Company is committed to providing ultimate service to all customers. With a quick turnaround time, it is possible to ship mats the next day. We offer weekly and monthly rates, and manage all freight/shipping.

Trucking Services include: freight in and freight out, off loading and loading out, set up, skid loader for composite mats, site preparation for composite mats. Hardwood and Laminated mats offer freight in and freight out. Barge and rail transportation is available as well.

Mat lay down and pick up meets all local, state and federal environmental regulations

Vertical integration via a large inventory of various mats, warehousing in locally owned yards, trucking service, site preparation for composite mats, off loading and loading out creates a seamless solution for most projects.

We offer a rent to own option customized to your needs. Our matting consultants will work with you to design an individualized program. Our matting consultants are available to you 24/7.